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Psilocybin Consultation

Connect with and receive support from an experienced psilocybin guide so you can gain confidence to take the next steps on your mushroom journey.

Explore the Psilocybin 101 book.

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A Psilocybin Consultation can be helpful if you want to:

  • connect with a human being
  • ask questions and learn more about the psilocybin experience
  • explore microdosing or macrodosing
  • discuss your life situation
  • explore and clarify intentions
  • find ways to get started or give back
  • discuss set and setting
  • express and communicate complex thoughts and emotions

Consultations are confidential, loving, intuitive, holistic, supportive, and encouraging.

Your Inner Healing Intelligence knows. We are here to listen and remind you.

Some of us have internalized the idea that we need to be busy and productive to have a sense of worth.
Our mushroom journeys remind us that we are human beings rather than human doings.

A bowl of magic mushrooms in a wooden bowl, with magic mushrooms all around the bowl as well. the bowl is on a wooden table.

How it works


Request a Psilocybin Consultation

Fill out the form below. If you want to connect with us first before filling out the form, please send us a message at


Connect on Signal App

Once we receive your request, we’ll send you an invitation to connect on the secure Signal App (please download) so we can schedule the Psilocybin Consultation.


Receive a Psilocybin Consultation with Chi

During the Consultation, we'll learn about you and your intentions, answer any questions you may have. This call usually lasts 5 to 30 minutes. Chi is founder of Mushroom Tao,, and


Sharing Resources

After your Consultation, if we feel we can support your journey, we'll send you a few resources and the Psilocybin 101 book.


Stay in Touch

We invite you to share your experiences and questions with us, and we'll be here to support you with guidance, recommendations, and resources.

The Psilocybin Consultation is by donation. If you are satisfied with it, you may send us a donation.

Request a Psilocybin Consultation

Please be as honest and transparent as possible when answering the following questions. Be assured that your information is received in non-judgment, will remain confidential, and is used only to provide you with the proper care.

After we receive your request and decide we may be of service to you, we'll invite you to connect with us on the Signal App.

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