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Aloha, we’re Leti and Chi, your psilocybin guides. We are forever grateful the mushrooms have found us and allowed us to thrive in their service.

Over the years, we have each struggled with challenging mental and emotional states -- hopelessness, loneliness, lack of purpose, feeling lost, depression, addiction. Fortunately, the mushrooms have become our greatest allies. The more we listen to their call and surrender ourselves completely, the more they help us process traumas at the root level.

After our first few experiences, like many who have enjoyed the positive effects of psilocybin, we wanted to share the medicine with as many people as we could.

In 2018, we started Truffles Therapy in the Netherlands. Journeyers from around the world joined our retreats to experience the healing power of magic truffles in a safe and supportive setting.

After working with more than 200 retreat guests in our first year, we moved to Costa Rica to give ourselves time to rest and integrate in the serenity of nature.

We spent months reflecting upon how we could best be of service. During this time, we revamped our sister project, Tripsitters, to broaden access to education and community -- the two pillars of democratizing psychedelic medicines. In the pandemic, we began a regular practice of working with people remotely. As we deepen our understanding of the psychedelic journey as a lifelong process rather than a single event, we have put even greater emphasis on preparation and integration as the foundations of our work.

Practicing self-care instead of only preaching about it, we evolved as facilitators. We softened and connected with the fluid, non-directed, receptive, and restorative principles of the sacred feminine. Like hermit crabs that outgrow their shells, we searched for a new identity. We asked: what do we stand for? What does the world need most? While brainstorming, Mushroom Tao resonated instantly. It embodies the essence of who we are and what we share.

Mushroom Tao is the culmination of our collective life experiences. We offer what we have learned in service to support your mushroom journey. We share structures and protocols that maximize safety and benefit. We find joy in empowering you to feel more aligned with your truth.

It’s an infinite path. As eternal students, we continually receive teachings from nature and people. We are happy to learn and share with you.

May Mushroom Tao be of service to all beings who wish to live with more courage and clarity on this fascinating adventure.

psilocybin mushrooms being offered in a man's hands


Why Mushroom Tao?

We are guided by the Mushroom Spirit and the Tao. As our teachers, they inspire us to flow with life in joy, balance, and harmony.

The Tao is simultaneously the natural order of the Universe, and a philosophy of living that follows nature’s laws. To live in accordance with the Tao means to trust life’s natural intelligence -- to bear witness to its organic spontaneity and creativity. We let beings go their own way without interfering. We develop faith, wisdom, and compassion.

Sacred Mushrooms are Taoist masters. They teach us to slow down and reflect. They guide us back to ourselves. They accept and love us unconditionally.

As your facilitators on the psilocybin journey, we support your experience as kind, silent witnesses to whatever unfolds naturally. We listen and hold a judgement-free container where you feel comfortable and safe to be vulnerable and let go of control.

We allow you and the mushrooms to work together, as you remember to trust your Inner Healing Intelligence to lead the way.

Aligning with the Tao and the Mushroom Spirit brings us back into balance. When we let go of the need to chase, achieve and accumulate, we realize we are already whole. We act from a place of abundance, generosity, and gratitude.

We envision:
A world where psilocybin mushrooms can help human beings connect and live harmoniously with themselves, the environment, and all living beings.

Our mission is:
To offer support, resources, and environments for people to heal and grow with psilocybin journeys.      

We thank you for trusting us to share our teachers with you.

About Leti

“I am grateful to be a mushroom servant and for the opportunity to work with journeyers from all walks of life. Thank you for your trust in my service.”

I am a listener, spaceholder and confidant for those who feel called to share their stories, struggles and secrets. For as long as I can remember, people have trusted me with their innermost feelings and thoughts.

I’ve been through my fair share of traumatic experiences -- my parents’ bitter divorce, not seeing my dad for 25 years, a close friend’s accidental death during high school, physical violence by a stranger, unsuccessful fertility treatments, and a devastating breakup with my long-term former partner. Experiencing repeated heartache and anguish has allowed me to develop compassion for all those who are going through their own struggles.

Straight out of college, I worked for 16 years in the corporate world. When I finally left, I was ready to live in fuller alignment with my values. At the time, I felt lost yet somehow lighter and freer.

I spent many months traveling through India and Southeast Asia, learning from inspiring teachers and deepening my yoga and meditation practice.

On my first psilocybin mushroom journey in Thailand with Chi in March 2018, I discovered something profoundly special. The awe and wonder of that first journey are beyond words. Soon after, I attended my first 10-day silent Vipassana retreat. These two experiences liberated me from the negative thought patterns that had plagued me for years.

Since then, I’ve been on countless psychedelic journeys. These medicines have helped me make peace with God and confront the reality of death. They have helped me work through deep traumas. I’ve learned to forgive myself and others, to have faith in something bigger than myself. Day by day, I’m more connected with Mother Earth and the Spirit Realms.

I am honored to share what I’ve learned with others and to create spaces where people can experience themselves as innocent, vulnerable children once again.

In my free time, I enjoy learning new ways to enrich my ability to serve people. I have studied Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine with Atira Tan and as an End of Life Doula with INELDA. I’m currently undergoing a 3-year Somatic Experiencing Training.

I am grateful to be a mushroom servant and for the opportunity to work with journeyers from all walks of life. Thank you for your trust in my service.

About Chi

“Having had the privilege to witness and support hundreds of people since, I am grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing the mushroom journey with those who feel called to experience the magic.”

I am a facilitator, connector and mentor for journeyers at every stage of the psilocybin initiation: from curious seeker to experienced guide and grower.

I support journeyers to manage expectations, let go of rigid ideas, and approach psychedelic experiences with a long-term perspective. Having learned from many challenging medicine journeys, I help others avoid common pitfalls. The more I work with and learn from the mushrooms, the more I feel like their humble student, with important lessons to share with others.

For most of my life, I’ve suffered from addiction, depression, and low self-esteem. The mushrooms have helped unravel and heal the root causes of some of these issues. The work is infinite. As my personal journey has been one of profound evolution, I’m honored to introduce others to the process of uncovering, facing and healing buried wounds, so they can move forward from a place of acceptance and understanding.

My childhood was, in many ways, defined by my parents’ difficult marriage and my response to the household tensions. As the firstborn son, I often felt responsible for and helpless about their relationship. I did everything in my power to compensate for these feelings. But no matter what I did or accomplished, I never felt good enough.

From a young age, I’ve had an addictive personality. Lacking healthy coping mechanisms, I suppressed or ignored difficult emotions with destructive habits.

In my twenties, I was fortunate enough to study with Buddhist teachers who were full of compassion and wisdom. I spent months at a time in silent retreat. I took temporary monastic vows twice at Panditarama Forest Monastery in Burma. I did everything I could to be a “good” and happy person.

Still, I felt empty and unfulfilled. I used meditation as an escape from unresolved emotional trauma; from my guilt and shame. But I lacked discipline and was unable to keep up a practice on my own. I constantly fell back into patterns of misery.

I was desperate.

I prayed for help, and that was when psychedelics entered my life. My first LSD journey opened my eyes and heart to some of the difficult emotions I had been carrying for years. Soon after that, I had my first joyful experience with magic mushrooms. I had resisted psychedelics for so long, but now there was no turning back.

In summer 2018, after having gone through about ten high-dose journeys and witnessing the transformative power of psilocybin in my own life, I organized two sessions for my dad. Watching him go through his first psychedelic experiences opened my heart and mind to another dimension of healing. True compassion for my father flowed through me for the first time. These experiences gave me confidence and inspired me to begin tripsitting for others.

Having had the privilege to witness and support hundreds of people since, I am grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing the mushroom journey with those who feel called to experience the magic.

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