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Here are our responses to questions we receive most often from journeyers like you.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

What is psilocybin?
Why psilocybin?
I suffer from depression and anxiety. Can psilocybin be helpful for me?
What if I’m on antidepressants?
Are magic mushrooms legal?

Mushroom Tao

Who can benefit from Mushroom Tao?
What kinds of programs does Mushroom Tao offer?
Do you offer a free consultation?
Are you licensed therapists?
Will my personal information be confidential?
Do you only work with psilocybin or also work with other psychedelics?
Do you provide distance tripsitting services?
How do I pay for your services?

Private Retreat Program

What does the retreat program entail?
Who can benefit from the retreat program?
What preparation and integration support is included in the retreat program?
What should I expect during the retreat?
Do you offer 1-day sessions?
Is it possible to book only the retreat without the at-home preparation and integration program?
What does your retreat program cost?
What if I can’t afford your retreat program?
I’m interested. What’s the first step?
Can I bring my partner (or family member)?
How are the ceremonies set up?
What kind of dosages do you offer at the retreat?
Do the facilitators take mushrooms with me during the ceremony?
Where do you source the mushrooms ingested during the retreat?
What about the music during the ceremonies?
How many facilitators will be at the retreat?
Are there any dietary restrictions / protocols during the retreat program?
What are your COVID protocols?
Do I have to sign a waiver before coming on retreat?

At Home Psilocybin Program

What does the at home psilocybin program consist of?
Who can benefit from the at home psilocybin program?
Do you provide access to mushrooms?
I’m interested. What’s the first step?
What does your at home psilocybin program cost?

Volunteer / Collaborate

Do you offer any opportunities to volunteer or collaborate?

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