Below are a few testimonials (found online) from journeyers we've worked with. Truffles Therapy is the project that Mushroom Tao was born out of -- the Mushroom Tao team and programs are a continuation of Truffles Therapy. Therefore any mention of Truffles Therapy essentially references Mushroom Tao.

All praise is dedicated to the mushroom, the truffles, all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas throughout space and time, God, Love, Light, and our teachers and masters, parents, and ancestors. None of it is ours. It belongs to the Infinite Eternal. We bow down and surrender ourselves to The Infinite Intelligence.

Some reviews have been slightly modified for readability purposes.

Thanks to Mushroom Tao I was able to connect with you and the at home microdosing program that has enhanced my personal journey. I was offered a way with psilocybin to reset my intention and move forward in life which includes treating my depression without SSRI medication. In resetting my intention by micro-dosing I am discovering more layers of my self that I can integrate personally and with others. I have aphantasia and memory issues and it is now with curiosity and patience that I can explore these dimensions of my self. Thanks for the support, Chi, I would love to meet in person one day. You may not realize, but you have eased me into this with aplomb and I appreciate it.


I met Chi and Leti, online, for the first time in May of 2021 at the time when I was at the lowest point of my 47 years of life, living in a state of utter despair. I was suffering from treatment-resistance chronic depression and severe anxiety to the point where I had several anxiety attacks every single day. I had lost almost all hope when I decided to give psychedelics a try as my very last resort. I feel incredibly lucky that I came across Mushroom Tao.

Chi has been compassionate, attentive, supportive, generous with his knowledge and time, absolutely responsive all along. From thousands of miles away, he has provided me with all the guidance and the material needed to get me started on the path towards health and happiness.

Today, only 6 months after my first online meeting with Chi and Leti, I am living a medication-free "normal" life. I still have my struggles, but I am now equipped with the tools to continue this healing journey one step at a time. I am motivated and excited about life, and more than ever feel centered, grounded, and filled with gratitude. I am forever thankful to Chi for opening the door to a world where living joyfully is a possibility even for someone like me.


Incredible! Felt a profound connection with myself. Helped me in the process of getting my life "back on track," feeling more oriented and motivated. Totally recommended for those who are seeking to expand their consciousness.

Lucas Happe

Heart warming, mind blowing and profound transcendental experiences in a very comfortable safe space guided by caring and compassionate skilled staff. A life altering journey!

‍Herman Van de Waal

Once is not enough! Cannot wait for the next retreat :)

What a wonderful experience! Cannot stress enough how amazing the vegetarian food, people, and location were. The food was all prepared by an amazing chef. Every meal was made with fresh ingredients. They definitely know how to make you feel comfortable. We started off the retreat by sharing our intentions and over the course of three days we all got to know one another. During our journeys the Truffles Therapy team was attentive to our every need. They were checking on everyone to make sure they were at their optimal comfort level. I couldn't have imagined my first journey with truffles to have gone any more perfectly. I would recommend this retreat to anyone. Looking forward to my next journey with Truffles Therapy!

‍Mariko Spotts

It's an interesting feeling to essentially pay for a service where the intentions of the business aren't based on a transaction but rather the humanity in offering someone an opportunity, because it leaves you with the feeling that the experience you were provided was beyond any monetary value. The revelations, the insights, the lasting interpersonal connections, the love and the healing that I took away from this experience were all in virtue of Chi and Leti creating a space for these things to flourish. Truffles Therapy is nothing short of a beautiful team of people on a mission to help others heal and grow and the chance to be a subject of that was truly invaluable. 

‍Ulysses Lopez

If you want to transform your life & life's perception, this is the place to be! It's not a coincidence that people attending a psilocybin retreat come out feeling refreshed, full of new insights.

I arrived and was welcomed by a warm & amazing group of people and caretakers.

Chi & Leti are truly the BOMB. :-)

Super friendly, also very knowledgeable on anything about psilocybin. Great passion drips off their faces.

As Chi told me: You don't take the truffle, the truffle takes you! This is very true in my experiences with a variety of psychedelics.

The heart opening, emotion releasing effect of the truffle is amazing. It will have a positive impact on you for the rest of your life.

Thanks again for the great time I had on the retreat surrounded by breathtaking nature!

Jaryd Swegryd

Life changing experience! One of the best ever! ;)

Frederico Marcal

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