We're happy to collaborate

We are happy to explore collaborations with service professionals and retreat locations, as well as individuals who have experienced the benefits of psilocybin and/or other psychedelics and wish to work with us.

We are especially keen on hearing from collaborators who:

  • Own or manage a retreat center or property and want to offer the space for mushroom retreats. Our ideal space:
    • is secluded in nature
    • has a ground-floor ceremony space (platform, deck, maloka, large room) with nearby restroom access
  • Support coaching or therapy clients and would like to introduce them to psilocybin
  • Specialize in a therapeutic modality (equine, art, massage, craniosacral, sound, yoga, breathwork, watsu, somatic, etc.) and want to share their offerings at a retreat
  • Are a professional vegan chef and want to offer services at a retreat

If you resonate with any of the above or have other ideas for collaboration, feel free to reach out using the form on this page.

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