Below are a few testimonials (found online) from journeyers we've worked with. Truffles Therapy is the project that Mushroom Tao was born out of -- the Mushroom Tao team and programs are a continuation of Truffles Therapy. Therefore any mention of Truffles Therapy essentially references Mushroom Tao.

All praise is dedicated to the mushroom, the truffles, all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas throughout space and time, God, Love, Light, and our teachers and masters, parents, and ancestors. None of it is ours. It belongs to the Infinite Eternal. We bow down and surrender ourselves to The Infinite Intelligence.

Some reviews have been slightly modified for readability purposes.

Beautiful Journey of Love

I feel so blessed to have participated in this magical truffle retreat. The team is full of love and compassion and though I was worried, I felt safe and supported through every step of the way – before, during and after the retreat. The magical power of the truffles through the endless love, guide and support of Chi, Leti and Polina helped me heal hidden parts in myself and plant new seeds of transformation. I enjoyed the beautiful place we were staying, and spending time in nature. The vegan food was delicious and was prepared with lots of love and attention. I also loved meditation, Yin Yoga, vision boarding and other activities. I recommend this very much to those who are interested in psychedelics and learning about themselves and the beyond.

Shir Hayim

Profound Experience

After the Truffles Therapy retreat I wouldn't go to anybody else for a psychedelic healing experience. Chi & Leti and their team put so much love and compassion into what they do and have created an experience that is profoundly mind altering. Psychedelics are very powerful on their own, but I came to realize that the trip itself is only a part of the healing process, having the opportunity to experience community and learn from like minded people in a peaceful setting is priceless. I was initially hesitant to have my first psychedelic experience in a group setting, but now I can’t imagine any other way. I became so close to the rest of the group over the week and feel like I have made friends I aim to keep for life. The love that all of the Truffles Therapy team put into their work is so tangible and I left the retreat having reconnected with myself and others and feeling a profound sense of peace and optimism. The whole week was put together in a way that facilitated the safest environment to rekindle my social confidence, release deep fear and depression and understand a healthy model of masculinity. I cannot express in words my complete gratitude to these people.

Steve Atkins

Life Affirming

‍Literally, Leti and Chi have saved my life or made my life worth living. I was incredibly depressed and sad and anxious. I read the Pollan book and decided I wanted to try psilocybin in a safe setting. Everything they did created that environment. As I bring my experience home, I feel that I have the opportunity to start living the life I want. I thank them for everything. I even started a blog about my experience as I feel a creative energy that has been devoid in me for years. I will definitely travel again with them.

Matthew Couch

The sweetest and purest hosts!

I'm still in awe of the retreat experience. Everyone was so sweet and patient with me. You can clearly see that Leti and Chi have the purest intentions to help everyone, which made me feel super comfortable and safe. Truffles Therapy feels like family already. Still integrating my trip every day. It definitely started a process of change regarding my perspective on relations, life and work. All positive though :)

Arthur Poot

Safe, loving, and full of integrity

‍Truffles Therapy is actively making a change in people's lives by providing the safest possible container for inner exploration. I was asked to co-facilitate one of their retreats and could clearly see how Chi and Leti have a true dedication to this work, and the integrity it takes to pioneer in this field.

‍Job Jutten

‍Great experience!

‍Chi and Leti, as well as the entire Truffles Therapy team, ran an excellent retreat. The atmosphere, food, space sitters, logistics and accommodations were fantastic. The love and caring for each of the participants was evident and clearly observable. Overall, a great experience and I recommend it 10/10 times....and I plan on attending future retreats.

‍Chris Skibinski

A truly magical experience that I know I will never forget. The team was professional and I always felt like I was in good hands throughout the week. The space holders were well experienced and offered so much support. Would recommend this to anyone and all. So many great connections and I have friends for life. One Love.

‍Davitt Meenaghan

Beautiful and Transformative Experience!

‍I attended a 5-night retreat with one micro dose and two medium/high dose ceremonies. I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Truffles Therapy! 

*The whole week was very well planned, structured, and executed, start to finish. There was always a nice balance between structured activities (meals, yoga, breathwork, integration discussion, etc.) and free time. I never felt too rushed or too bored. Truffles Therapy made themselves available ahead of time to help me prepare, and continue to make themselves available afterwards to help me integrate the experience. 

*The team of space holders made me feel so incredibly safe and comfortable during my psychedelic journeys, which is paramount during such a powerful experience. No request was ever too big, and no problem too small. Each space holder was always willing to be there for me to help heal in any way possible. 

*The accommodation in nature was breathtaking. Nature walks through the forest helped to put me into a peaceful mindset before and after my journeys 

*Truffles Therapy did an excellent job focusing on integration during the retreat, as we spent a lot of much needed time discussing our psychedelic experiences in large groups, small groups, and one-on-one. 

*The vegan food was so tasty! (this, coming from a lifetime omnivore, who couldn't imagine going a week without meat) If you're interested in an above-board, legal, safe psychedelic experience, Truffles Therapy is a great option and I would recommend them 10 times out of 10!

Nick Peters

Mike just put it into words perfectly. I was with this group too and I am still overwhelmed. And getting back to my normal routine will probably take a fews days, if I should strive for that anyway.

I was one of the participants looking for inspiration rather than therapy. Even so I found so many question marks and - later - exclamation marks in my inner self that I am wondering why it took me so long to go on that special journey of my life. Of course the real work (and probably the most important task in one's life) will start after this very special retreat.

As for the two wonderful people running this retreat, Leti and Chi, I cannot remember meeting such wonderful, loving, and caring people before. Some special plusses I would like to highlight:

- attentive and caring staff and spaceholders
- the most fantastic vegan buffets all day
- the great nature reserve surrounding the retreat
- and this wonderful mixture of friends (yes, it is possible to speak of friends now) from all over the world from all kinds of professional backgrounds.

And to say it clearly: There is no omelette without breaking eggs. The retreat is unsuitable for anyone who is not ready and willing to really look into their insides, tear down their civilization mask and speak freely about what's really going on.

Thank you so much guys,

Emil Salzedar


It is hard to describe this phenomenal experience adequately. In trying, I would use the word grateful over and over, but it is not enough. The people you will find here will grant you such peace, such serenity. Both the space-holders and the other participants will become like close friends in the shortest space of time imaginable. And then your journey. And the journey is so profound. I am writing this the morning following my return from one of their 4 day retreats so I cannot comment on any lasting effects and I am still trying to make sense of some of the things I experienced and saw, which I understand will take time. Especially if you intend on experiencing one of their retreats for healing, I encourage and advise you to attend. When it comes time to leave, you will be sad, maybe even painfully sad, as I was. But you will come to understand that is what defines an experience that wields a power as great as Truffles Therapy does. It is such a necessary beauty.

Mike Atkins

What an amazing experience.

I came in thinking I knew what type of experience I wanted or what I wanted to feel and reveal. I thought I knew my struggles and knew what I was expecting or going to experience. Well, I was wrong and I thank God that I was given the opportunity to go through this journey. I encourage you to do your research and reach out to these two amazing souls. Chi and Leti were so great. They are gifted and caring. I hope to experience something like this in the near future with them. 🍄🍄


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