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Chapter 5:

Psilocybin Testimonials

Clinical research is impressive, but the experiences of real people and how psilocybin has improved their lives are just as important. There are many of these stories out on the Web; here are some of our favorites:

“I spent an extended time looking at two photographs of myself and my wife, one from 11 years ago, and another from this year. This was extremely valuable. It was like I was seeing myself like I was looking from the outside at me. Not an out of body experience, rather a perspective which was totally unique. I had a massive amount of compassion, empathy and love towards myself and my wife. I could 'see' problems in our lives, ways in which we have been hurt in life, problems in our marriage, etc. I was able to see us both as little children, in need of love and patience and healing. If I ever do this kind of therapy again down the road I will be sure to have even more pictures of people handy.” - Anonymous, via

“Later that night, I heard a higher voice – my grandmother was speaking through the mushrooms. She told me she was going to remove the desire to die and suicidal thoughts from my mind for good – take the weight off my shoulders. She explained that now I had to learn to live, no longer just survive each day.” - Paul Filippe

“I stare back down at my hand and let go. I slowly release the sponge, and as I do, the black tar begins its journey back into itself, streaming down and out from the bodies of my selves. I look behind me as one by one the black tar slides from them down into the woman before them, and back into the woman who stands before me, her arms outstretched, her hands resting on my shoulders, and she smiles at me as the remnants of the tar slide from her fingertips back onto me. I turn back and watch as I finally release the last of my grip, and the sponge again rests weighty in my palms, filled with black, sticky tar. I realise it represents my desire for control, and how much what I do and don’t do changes the world around and within me. That the desire to control everything and everyone around you can grip you and fester and feed the darkness, that letting go and acceptance starts with me, that only I have that power.” -  Antanika Muscaria

“As I listened to the music, every instrumental piece seemed to create a different Universe… and out of all of the Universes I experienced, this is the only one where pain and suffering existed….my transition from this life to whatever the next place might be, is not so scary”.  - Thomas Hartle

I wish that this was available for everybody because it was just such a huge help for me. It changed everything for me.” - Laurie Brooks

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